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13, 14 & 15 August 2020 - Lexis Hibiscus, Port Dickson



FutureShifter™ Conference aims to make a significant difference in the community and society through a series of hybrid events that transform the mind-set, heart-set and health-set of the participants.

For many years, human development efforts have been showing little outcome, especially if it has to be of a holistic manner to cover not just skills (improving productivity) but also mental strengths (IQ), emotional strengths (EQ) and heart strengths (intuition and 6th sense). There are many great trainings and modalities being created, sadly in a very ‘standalone functionality’. While most of the conference, seminars and trainings are more skill-based, ideas/theoretical/conceptual-based, we see participants unable to grasp hold and implement what was ‘learnt’. Either the gap is too huge for apprehension, or the lack of structure to support the implementation. FutureShifter™ Conference has the ability to address these concerns and produce measurable results.

What About Event

The world is bombarded with unsavoury news from the moment we wake up and to the last nano-second we sleep. The result is a myriad of negative energy strewn into our lives and impacting our mindset, heartset, soulset and eventually our healthset. The conference is calling for TRANSFORMATION from within. Designed to speak to the struggling inner self to redefine and rediscover their lives. Transformation looks into CHOICES and FutureShifter™ Conference will help you to feel that joy and fulfilment in your work, relationship, and within yourself (again). Come join us and choose a better, more meaningful and purposeful way of life!

About FutureShifter™

Who We Are.
What We Do.

FutureShifter™ Conference as a profitable social venture enterprise will be working with established universities in ASEAN region as this conference will be replicated to other countries. Angeline will be driving the research and place Intellectual Properties on relevant hybrid structures to capture the following impact :

  • The quantum of transformation in these four (4) critical elements
    • Mental Strength (including limiting beliefs system) and Consciousness
    • Emotional Strength and Happiness
    • Spiritual and Confidence
    • Productivity & Profitability

       in areas of relationships, career,       business and human-and-   human       connectivity

  • The result of collaborations of :
    1. Parties within the same industry
    2. Variable components across different industry and authorities across different countries within ASEAN – what are the similarities and differences.
  • True purpose and critical virtue values of life
  • Degree of elevation of financial status

Why FutureShifter™?


Addressing the low confidence and emotional suppression that leads to multiple-negative-impact at work place, relationship and commercialized trending.


Rooted in meaningful collaboration between stakeholders, ie government, private sectors, coaches, facilitators and participants, all working together to ensure everyone benefits from this meaningful, purposeful event


Allowing the TRUE SELF to emerge. TRUST establishes a support structure that encourages natural growth and development of others without judgments.

FutureShifter™ Founder

Angeline Yee Gar Yan


Passionate in people development and an advocate in Positive Mindset through Words, Angeline is favoured with more than 18 years of coaching experience. As the RTT™ Pioneer Practitioner in Asia Pacific since 2016, she is blessed with international clients ranging from age 6 to 76, in 13 countries over 4 continents – Asia, North America, South America and Europe, addressing mental, emotional and negative behavioural issues.

Our Powerhouse Team


Mental & Emotional Strength

A passionate Speaker and Author who is committed to purposeful and beautiful living, Angeline is the Pioneer Rapid Transformation Coach in Asia Pacific. She has dedicated her life to help individuals strike harmony between mind, heart and soul and have supported many to address their mental, emotional and negative habits/behaviours across 4 continents in 13 countries.


Conflict & Crisis Management

Garry Chow is a Certified Trainer, Coach and an Accredited Mediator by Bar Council-Malaysian Mediation Centre that resolved many business partnership disputes and aligned the team for business owners. The PRISM neuroscience brain-mapping practitioner of UK has conducted coaching & training for more than 18-years in numerous countries where he develops and customizes the transformational training to meet clients' needs.

Gin Hai


A passion for helping people find their calling and change lives is what has driven Gin Hai in his career, from being an engineer to National Swim Coach, founding the largest swim company in the country, and now being a speaker and trainer. His empathy, connection, great heart and ability to make difficult concepts easy to understand and follow, combined with his focus on empowering people to take control of their lives, makes lasting impressions on those whom he trains and coaches.

Hah CK

Leadership Empowerment

Hah helps people to unlock their true potential to achieve the success that they desire. His focus is to empower people with the right skill-sets and tools that enable them to create extraordinary results in their career and personal life.


Personal Development

Jamuna is an expert storyteller in sales and communication. She is a Master Certified Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy (ABNLP), Hypnosis; and a Certified Master NLP Coach (Australia).

Jaya Perumal

Leadership & Career

A versatile leadership and career coach with the ability to transform talents, Jaya's passion is to help people feel great inside-out by gaining more self-confidence and attraction through motivation, inspiration and proper advice on inner and outer self image.


Neuroscience Leadership

Ken is a certified ICF PCC Coach and Consultant for Leadership, Team and Organisation Transformation. Passionate in creating platforms for people to learn, grow and be successful, he uses various behavioural assessment and psychometric tools for development of individuals, teams and organisations.


Self-improvement Coach

Kamaruzzaman coaches on self taught, self motivate and how to handle obstacles objection and stress.

Kee Tzuen

Success Coach

Being a former National Swimmer, National Champion and SEA Games medalist, Kee Tzuen brings a great understanding of what it takes to achieve success and perform consistently at a high level - motivation, overcoming obstacles, determination, the ability to deal with ups and downs and doing what it takes to achieve one's goals.


Transformation Management & Startups

Backed with over 4 decades experiences from multicultures across various industries, Madi has a proven record in re-engineering organisations and production processed. He is also a certified trainer for Kaplan Professional courses.


Co-active Connection Coach

Kindaichi is the connector that unlock hidden potentials and eliminate limiting beliefs in clients. His mission in life is to be the message to change the world through healing and connection so that people can achieve fulfilling lifestyle bringing values to themselves, friends and their loved ones.


Health & Wellness

Rubini has over 15-years industrial & training experience. A business psychologist and co-founder of Rubiogco which specialises in behaviour change, integrated wellness, self-development and organisation change & culture, she has experienced training both local and international corporate clients using accelerated experiential learning methods in all the training engagement for optimal and effective results.


Power of Words

An advocate of the Power of Words, Syireen believes that words are powerful triggers to communication, not only to the community and the world, but the self. Transformational work starts from within, so what words are we choosing to speak to ourselves?


Solution Focused Coach

Sunil is your leadership, team & personal transformation coach who aims to support his clients to achieve their preferred future by appreciating and leveraging on strengths and being 100% solution focused. He aims to help organisations go through sustainable change and individuals live a more purposeful & passion driven life.

Soo Hoo

Persuasion Mastery

Passionately developing people potential throughout the region and gathering trainers together to accelerate the pace of growth. Have founded a community of over 1000+ trainers.


Mind Master

A mastermind facilitator, mind power, mindset and mind control trainer, Kahar loves to inspire, empower, and facilitate others to continuously improve, enrich, and expand the body, mind, and spirit. He is also the first Malay master in Traditional Chinese Martial Art of Yip Kin Wing Chun Kungfu and currently heads the academy.



Terence is a transformational trainer and coach who has spent the last 2 decades helping clients enjoy deeper, happier, more fulfilled and enriching connections with all aspects of their lives. He is particularly invested in relationships patterns, guiding couples to identify their dynamics, and interpersonal interactions with one another.

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Frequently Asked Question

On 5 , 6 &  7 March 2020 at Grand Lexis, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

     ​The conference is for individuals who : 

  • want to take control of lives and shift their future, especially those who feel stuck in their lives, living without joy, and often feel insecure.
  • had gone through many challenges and question themselves what is the ‘meaning’ of their lives. 
  • are hungry for transformation, looking for great support and a safe structure to change.
  • want to find answers on why the way they are and what can be done to create a better reality be it mentally, emotionally, wealth and success.

     It is also highly encouraged for couples who want to :

  • improve their communication, connectivity, and passion in their relationships.
  • work on and address the challenges they face.
  • learn, create, and form better family environment to shape a greater, resilient, positive younger generation.
  • find balance and harmony between work, personal, and family.

You purchase the tickets on this website. Payments can be made through Paypal. Alternatively, just call +6011-10980113 for assistance.

Definitely. Do reach out to us at for options and information.

Reach out to us at and we thank you in advance for your kind support in realizing our mission to create a better nation and making FutureShifter Conference a massive success. 

It depends on which room category you choose – Twin-sharing or Quad-sharing. Couple’s registration is entitled to further discount as we highly encourage the same understanding while learning how to build mutual support and accountability for a successful, sustainable relationship. Groups of 3 and above will get the best discounts as you also enjoy better learning and form a strong support for your own network.

Please refer to the Ticket Summary – bear in mind that Super Privileged Rate ends by 23.59hr on 31-Dec-2019, while Early Bird Price ends by 23.59hr on 29-Feb-2020.

You will receive an e-ticket into the email address you registered with us. 

Cancellation is not permitted but can be transferred once. Please email to to seek assistance. 

Yes, all participants will receive a special Certificate of Completion to signify your breakthrough, provided you complete all Mastermind Classes.

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